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[forthcoming] "The liminality of Barry McGee's mural for the Clarion Alley Mural Project (1994)". Art & the Public Sphere 11, no. 2 (Jan 2023).

“KATSU’s Graffiti Drone”. Tesserae, January 20, 2021. wayback machine

“Super-ephemerality: Street Art in Digital Space”. FLAT, no. 1 (2019). link

“An Empty Identifier: In Criticism of ‘Asian American’ as Curatorial Construct”. Art Practical, February 27, 2018. wayback machine

_written as part of 2017 art publishing residency with Art Practical + Daily Serving

_funded by c3:initiative (now Stelo)

"Shotgun Review: Noguchi's Playscapes at SFMOMA". Art Practical, October 16, 2017. wayback machine

_written as part of 2017 art publishing residency with Art Practical Daily Serving

"Flush With The Walls 40 Years Later". Berkshire Fine Arts, June 17, 2011. link

_invited by BFA's founder and editor Charles Giuliano to review anniversary exhibition of Flush With The Walls curated by Greg Cook (Boston Phoenix).

"Flush With The Walls". Berkshire Fine Arts, May 7, 2011. link

_part of research for graduate-level seminar paper on Boston Modernism taught by Professor Theodore Stebbins, Jr. (Harvard Art Museums).


"DiSCo Journal: a story about digital publishing." Guest lecturer. Reflexive Design course taught by Dr. Rebecca Miller (University of Plymouth). Nanjing University of the Arts. October 13, 2022. Online.

"Street Art+Identity: The Tag". Art History Summer University. The Courtauld Institute of Art. July 2022. Video lecture.
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